An acessible Robotics Kit,
from the comfort of your chair.

sBotics is an Educational Robotics simulator and educational suite focused on recreating the world-famous RobocupJr Rescue Line tournament environment, offering users with a bundle of different customizing, management and programming options, enabling all sorts of simulations.

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Endless possibilities

With sBotics it is possible to create not only robots tailored to the RobocupJr Rescue Line competition, but all sorts of simple robots, as well as configure different surroundings.


Created to be used in classrooms, teach your students important concepts in the field of robotics, and with the soon-to-be-released sBotics Classroom, it will be possible to manage your students' assignments and better utilise the simulated environment to your class's advantage.

Manage tournaments

Manage a team to participate in a robotics competition or create your very own to challenge your friends, students or a broader audience.

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Powerful tools

Access incredible and powerful tools inside and outside the simulator program, in our cloud services and the creations conceived by the community.

Use it everywhere

With the sBotics cloud suite it is possible to program your robot at your school and at home, just by using the same account. This convenience makes it simple for students to study and play at home the concepts they've learned in the classroom.

Highly customizable

Create all sorts of different robots and customize the environment with objects, images and custom scoring elements. Every element inside the simulator can be tweaked and experimented to your heart's content.

sBotics boasts a multitude of forms of interaction between users

As with any other programming tool, knowledge usually comes from the interaction between users. Because of this, we from the sBotics team have devised several ways of bringing proficiency to the users of the platform, including a Discord channel.

sBotics Code

Due to sBotics being created with C#, an Object-Oriented programming language, starting from scratch in this language is not always easy. Because of this, sBotics Code was created, to give users the possibility of programming in a more simplified manner, as well as giving access to our block-based programming tool: BlockEduc.

sBotics Docs

sBotics Docs is a community effort, where users help others by publishing tutorials and other types of content in the website, allowing newcomers to better understand how the simulator works, as well as more complicated/advanced functionalities, such as tweaking game controls and modifing arenas manually through files.


Since mid-2020, our Discord server is the principal way in which users can communicate with the developers and with the rest of the simulator's community. Most of the content and users there are in Portuguese, although peoples of all languages are all welcome. Discord invite URL.

Environent Randomization

Usually with simulators, every time something is executed in the exact same way, you expect the exact same result. That is not the case with sBotics. As with regular robotics, where even the smallest of winds and tiniest of inclination differences have tremendous impact on a robot, we randomize tiny things every time a robot is executed, to teach students a valuable lesson: Create strong and reliable code that can withstand all sorts of variations.


Created by a group of Brazilians, the sBotics' vision is to create a lightweight and inexpensive Robotics Kit that can be run in the broadest range of computers and better close the gap in the democratization of Robotics in this very unequal country. Currently our simulation platform is less than 100mb, and uses our servers only when it needs to. You don't need the strongest internet or the strongest computer to be able to use sBotics.

Multi-language Support

With support to English and Brazilian Portuguese, from the User Interface to the Programming Tools, sBotics is prepared to expand internationally if the opportunity arises. Having hosted the RoboCupJr Worldwide 2021 Rescue Line A, sBotics is prepared to handle the farthest of timezones.

We've worked with amazing organizations

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Our Programs and Services

Download the sBotics Simulator

Download here the sBotics Launcher, that is used to automatically search for and update the sBotics Simulator.